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Part of a solid Italian experience, BDT GLASS represents the most advanced, technological, reliable and long lasting range of diamond tools for flat glass processing. The whole production, including the COMBI router and COMBI wheels, is totally home-made and guaranteed by BDT GLASS.

BDT GLASS a granted choice.

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Give a new push to your CNC machine! BDT diamond tools give the best results on flat glas processing. Thanks the know how that covers all production steps, BDT tools grant the best results keeping constant quality.
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BDT Glass is part of a solid and dynamic group that customers evaluate a lot and in which they’ve been trusting for more than fifty years. Purchasing a BDT tool means you’ll never be left alone.
move quality
BDT Glass staff always works with the aim of granting to every customer the highest productive advantages, supplying the best tool for every kind of process.
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