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High Speed Wheels for CNC Machines

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We have tested new peripheral wheels for CNC machines for glass and Dekton processing with high performing features in terms of speed and quality results.

"High speed wheels" is their name and the idea is to underline its special feature, that is to say working speed. The market is now requesting high quality, performing and faster tools and the advantage cannot only be the result, but also a save in time and an easier way of using it. The whole BDT staff has been working since some months to design a new range being able of satisfying all requests made by final users and distributors. And that’s what Bovone Diamond Tools decided to challenge…

There are basically three types of wheels: flat edge wheels, trapezoidal wheels and routers.
The particular feature of the flat profile wheels is the new design of the sectors, which are smaller and set more closely together; as a result, they can reach at speeds of 10 metres/minute, operating at 7,500 RPM.
The trapezoidal wheels are made differently compared with traditional ones and have a different grit size. Accordingly, they can reach speeds of up to 8 metres/minute, again at 7,500 RPM.
The new routers also feature the modified sector design and can reach speeds 50% or so higher than traditional ones, being estimated to operate at around 12,000 rpm. The wheels were tested on a new machining centre recently purchased to allow in-house testing of peripheral wheels, and thus represent the fruit of this important investment. The excellent results obtained with glass processing were repeated with Dekton, showing its very close relationship with glass.