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Glass Division Stone Division

A Complete range for every customer

Competence, research and testing are the elements giving to our tools the high quality levels that stands them out.

Quality and reliability are indispensable, for this reason BDT, BOVONE DIAMOND TOOLS, has focused a more ambitious goal: to give every customer the most suitable tools for all processing.
A great number of companies all over the world appreciate today our work, and this is the best incentive to go on growing together.

Cup diamond metal bond wheels and peripheral wheels for all trades bevelling and edging machines

BDT produces wheels all machines trades for flat glass working.The cup metal bond wheels for bevelling and edging machines have diamond band from 4 to 20 mm and the band is continuous or segmented, open or closed segments.


New Arris Polishing Wheels

BDT is proud to introduce its new range of arris polishing wheels. Our range is available for any machine on the market equipped with these tools.


Cup resin bond wheels

Cup resin bond wheels for bevelling and edging machines are supplied with band 10-12-15-20 mm and with different band thicknesses and can be continuous, open segments or closed segments.


Peripheral wheels for cnc machines and for straight line edging machines

BDT production range of peripheral wheels for all traders CNC machines includes all profiles and diameters from 25 to 150 mm.


frese goldnet
GOLDNET studied for laminated glass

- Less Chips And Breakages
- Even Wearing
- Noiseless



The routers go from diameter 8 mm to 25 mm and can be supplied with three, four, five or six segments.


mole per incisioni
Grooving wheels

BDT includes in the production range the grooving wheels with V and U shapes and special shapes on request...


mole per prismatici
Prismatic wheels

The wheels for the production of rearview mirrors, cup diamond metal bond or resin bond, are supplied in different diameters...


mole speciali a disegno
Special wheels on drawing

BDT can produce special diamond wheels, cup or peripheral, with different diameters and profiles for edging machines...


mole originali per macchine bovone
Original wheels for Bovone machines

BDT wheels for Bovone machines grant a very high product quality, thanks to the experience of many years in this field and to the several tests run on machines.



Design and manufacturing inside the company of:
- Diamond drills having diameter from 4 mm to 250 mm and other diameters on request.


Other products supplied on request

- All kinds of polishing wheels.
- Syntheric and wool felts, spiral and not, Italian and import production.


Mole Combi
Combi wheel

The first wheel “combining” in the same body:
- Two or more PE (pencil edge) profiles with different opening to process different glass thicknesses.


Fresa Combi
Combi Router

The most suitable router for every process obtained “combining” on request.


New Axion
Cerium Oxide

Radical innovation in the cerium polishing.