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A Complete range for every customer

We produce wheels both for CNC machines and Bovone edgers. Our CNC range includes all standard shapes as well as sets for special shapes upon request.
The most common shapes for CNC are available in standard diameters and cup wheels are also available for Bovone ELB 11/45, ELB 102 and ELB 10 STONE machines.
Our standard set is made up of 4 diamond metal bond wheels and 3 diamond polishing wheels with BDT exclusive wheel bond formulation.

The Blue Range
In the last year we have created a new range of tools (blue colored) that has been especially designed and tested on ceramic materials and the new generation of artificial materials.
In addition to CNC shaped tools, core drills, routers and drilling bits, we produce diamond cup wheels for different edge polishing machines. Our tools grant no chips on the surface and a very good final polishing.